It really is fun exploring new ways of cooking with a partner in crime, so to speak, who enjoys it as well. Our latest experience taught us about flavors in olive oil. I had always been using one brand of EV olive oil and to save a little money we decided to try another. Who was to know that the olive oil would change the taste of a dish.

We were cooking chicken and I was using curry, tumeric, sage, and garlic. You could smell the aromas while you were cooking but NOTHING, nada, zip when it came to the taste. We did decide to put some salt on it and it brought out the flavors, some. But the ridculous part was after leaving for a while and coming back we could smell the curry. Couldn’t taste on the food but really could smell it, so I guess once you know how one OO works stay with it. Unless of course you have the time and patience and of most all the money to experiment with different brands while your cooking.