How to use fresh thyme; simply use your fingertips to strip away the leaves off the stem.  They are small enough that they shouldn’t require extra chopping.

1. You can add full sprigs of thyme to soups, broths and poaching liquids to infuse them with flavor.

2. you can stuff handfuls of thyme inside a whole roasting chicken or fish.

3. Use clippings to as a bed on which to cook a pork roast

4. Pairs well with fruits.


Thyme zest: to add flavor to deserts by stirring in 2 tsp of chopped thyme and 1 tbsp orange zest into 1 pint of softened vanilla ice cream or simmer 1 segmented orange with 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tsp of chopped thyme to make a tangy topping for yogurt, roast chicken or fish.

Note: if you are allergic to this product, first look for the ‘other’ names that thyme can go by and check the ingredients listing on food and your pharmacy items, including any medications.