I posted a spice recipe that I had gotten from a chef that we met in Myrtle Beach, until reading an article today I totally forgot about another aspect of our conversation.   We got to talking about local places where I could go out to eat in the area.  Plus how some of the food was prepared, the biggest thing that I learned about peanuts that day was this.

A lot of places use peanut oil to fry things in, especially if you are in a peanut growing state.  What I was told was, they could do the frying in peanut oil because it didn’t transfer the taste from one food product to another.  So, say for instance you know they fry fish in that one fryer and you have no problem eating fish.  But the previous food that they fried was potatoes and you are allergic to potatoes, the transfer rate of one item to another in that fryer is really, really great.   So when you do eat out also ask about the preparation of the food items not just the contents.

So knowing that you are in a peanut growing state and that they like to use the oil for frying helps narrow your choices for the foods that you can have.  The other thing would be to ask if they do happen to use peanut with their salads.