Makeup, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lipstick, bubble bath what do they all have in common?  Nothing really, unless of course they are made all by the same company.  What they do have in common is a potential to have what your allergic to as an ingredient. What really sucked in the beginning with the allergies is that I had to give up my brand of cosmetics!    After reading the labels some of them would you believe had potatoes and black pepper as some of their ingredients???  Who would have thunk it!  Don’t forget the ever present wheat allergy, that is one of the top ingredients in shampoo!

I personally believe that what I put on the outside of my body is absorbed into my body so how could I not think I wouldn’t have a reaction to black pepper in a cosmetic if I couldn’t eat black  pepper?   Or that having wheat in a shampoo wouldn’t be absorbed in to my skin? (Well, technically science believes those wheat molecules are to big to be absorbed into the skin.)  I did my research and decided to make wheat as far down on the product list as possible with shampoo and conditioner!  Oh, get this, I have even found potatoes of all things in a cosmetic. (I am allergic to potatoes as well and boy, do I miss a great french fry!)

I of course have been reading labels for so long now it’s second nature and if I don’t, I feel guilty.  But remember in doing so you have to know the “scientific” name for the products that you are allergic to, they can be hiding in a lot of items.  Even in some baby products!

So read, read and never feel bad about what you need to do protect yourself or someone you care for!  And remember if you have bought an item before that you could use still keep reading the labels can they can change the formula!