Speaking from experience with my multitude of allergies, it forces you to think ‘outside’ the box.  What can I do now, instead of going with the usual.  The one thing that I never wanted to do was turn into a rabbit with eating salads all the time because it was an easy way out with all my food allergies.  But I have to stop thinking like that because those ‘salads’ can save me time and money especially away from home.  But with doing so I have to think about salad dressings because one of my allergens is soy.  A lot of dressings are based in soy.

So when I am out eating I request ‘oil’ for my salads.  But here is the problem, a lot of servers will tell you that it is a vegetable oil, and then I would have to reply, ” Well, which vegetable”?  They would have no idea, as well as the ingredients sometimes wouldn’t help them due to poor labeling.  So making this story short, if in doubt, don’t eat the product.  And if you are the person who is reading this that works for an olive oil company, it would be nice if you made traveling packets of olive oil so that our lives could be easier.

So remember to look through this site, you posted things here that work with your many food allergies, and hopefully it helps someone as well.  I know I am eager to try the pizza recipe!