Okay, even the allergy people need to feel pampered and I can’t think of anything more relaxing than a bubble bath.  As always remember to read the ingredients on the products that you use.

1/2 cup unscented liquid soap

1/2 tsp lime extract

1 tbsp olive oil or almond oil

6 cups of epsom salts

1 tbsp loose mint tea (if you need to just open a few tea bags)

Stir soap, extract and oil together.  Cover a cookie sheet with a paper towel.  Then spread the salts over the paper towel.

Pour the mixture over the salts until evenly coated.  Air-dry overnight or until salts feel dry.

Gently, mix in the loose tea and pour salts into a bottle with a recloseable lid.

To use: sprinkle a small scoop of the salts under running water for your bath.  Keeps indefinitely if stored in a sealed container.