For the days you want to soothe your aching muscles in a bath or just simply relax for pleasure.

Strawberry Shortcake Bathsalts

2 cups of epsom salts
1 tbs gluten-free strawberry extract
1 tbs gluten-free vanilla extract
6 drops of gluten-free red food coloring (optional)
4 drops of gluten-free yellow food coloring (optional)

Put one cup of Epsom salts in two different bowls.  In one bowl add the strawberry extract and in the other bowl the vanilla extract, optional at this time to the strawberry bowl add food coloring two drops at a time (and mixing) to get the desired color that you would like.  Proceed to do the same on the vanilla bowl adding two drops of yellow food coloring at a time (and mixing) to get the desired color that you would like.  Let the bowls set out to let the fragrance blend before putting it in a container.

If you added the food coloring you can layer each in a container or chose to mix both in the same container.

Snickerdoodle Bath Salts

A wonderful combination of vanilla and cinnamon.

2 cups of Epsom salts
1 tsp ground cinnamon
6 drops gluten-free vanilla extract
2 drops gluten-free yellow food coloring

Mix half the salts with vanilla extract and yellow food coloring, and the other half with cinnamon.  Alternately layer each salt color in a clean closable jar.  To use, pour 1 scoop of the salts under warm running water as you draw a bath.  Keeps indefinitely.

Energy – Romance – Serenity Bath Salts

1 cup Epsom salts
Rose extract (Romance) or Vanilla extract (Serenity) or Orange Extract (Energy)
Optional food coloring

Put the epsom salts in a bowl and add your choice of extract, start small add one drop, mix thoroughly and let set for one minute.  Check to see if it has the right amount of smell for you.  If it does, put in a container with a lid.  Or repeat the process of adding extract until the desired aroma.