Using lettuce is no more difficult then opening a loaf of bread.  All it takes is a little preparation and some zip lock bags or big flat containers.   Wash and separate fresh lettuce leaves and stack them in your container of choice.   And store them in the refrigerator.  Then when you run short of time just reach in and grab one for a quick replacement for bread or even just a quick snack.

Romain lettuce is an all-time favorite for wrappers.  It’s loose head, crisp texture and long flavorful leaves make it ideal.  So prep the leaves as you would the lettuce leave from above.

When it comes to lettuce color matters.  Leaves with the richest, darkest color contain more flavor and nutrients.  Romaine and butterhead lettuce (you can prep butter head as well) have six times the beta-carotene and up to tem times more vitamin A than iceberg lettuces.

So fill the lettuce with what ever you desire!