What I have learned over the last couple of weeks is that I need to embrace my allergies.  It’s amazing what a close call on a anaphylactic reaction will do to your thinking and then right after that you have a bad reaction to a medicine for a in-office procedure and it is something that you couldn’t put two and two together with.  It is a good thing that I asked questions on my  first anaphylactic reaction to be prepared now.  It actually came in handy!

I don’t know, I can understand how people feel about allergies because I  never really knew anyone who had allergies until me.  They don’t know what to do sometimes or even how to react to someone who has to stay away from certain items.  You don’t want to feel left out at office luncheons but then you don’t want them to do things differently for  you but what can you do sometimes?  I just wish that they would have luncheon that where no one brings anything that I am allergic to so that I can join them and have piece of mind at the same time.  Even just once a year would be great to that people are hearing you and know that you have to be careful.

And remember while you are hugging those allergies close to you, remember that you know your body, and not everyone will understand allergies and your reactions to them including doctors.  I have found even doctors at times don’t think you can have so many allergies let alone just one.

Stay strong and know that you are the one that lives in your body.