No matter how many times I have the discussion with myself, I have to embrace these allergies.  Yeah, I know I wrote embrace them, but seriously sometimes I want to throttle them.  How dare they creep up now!!  So many years being able to eat those foods and whammo… of course I do know now why I kept getting bronchitis all the time.  Allergies!  The real kicker is that the allergies brought along, allergy induced asthma.  I want to kick that too, but I know when I start coughing I am around something that doesn’t agree with me whether it is the environment or the food.  Of course I should give the food allergies a break I have more environmental allergies than I do have food allergies.

It has been years since the initial diagnosis and I am still don’t want to embrace them yet I know I have to, I have to be my own advocate because, I am doing allergies single.  But the best of intentions can always go astray and I just need to learn to cut myself some slack.  So I am going to work with putting everything together that I am learning and to have one place to go to and then, crossing my fingers, I will really want to embrace these allergies and not let go.  Oh, who am I kidding, I know I will still have my moments but I will have to learn to just take a deep breath, cry if I want to and move on.