I had  a really lazy day and didn’t want to cook.   It is so easy to cheat just using chocolate to fill the day.  But it’s always in the back of my head that I am not eating healthy.  Then just trying to have lunch meat and cheese all day isn’t the healthest. 

Giving myself a break, yeah right.  That thing in the back of my head won’t shut up when I am not eating healthy.   Then having to eat to not slow up my thyroid problem it sucks.  But it is now a way that I have to eat in order to feel good.  Of course I am allowing myself to realize that there will a few days, or even a whole bunch of days where I can say this all sucks. 

It’s funny how I can allow myself this ‘sucky’ day here but you got to in order to survive it.

It really would be easier doing this when I can cook with someone or even for someone else.   You don’t have to eat what you cooked for three days.  Or your not throwing food away because another thought of eating the same thing again makes you roll your eyes.