So you are newly diagnosed with food allergies or you have had them for years or you want to date someone with allergies.  Try what I just learned today and I am surprised I didn’t think of it before.  There is an establishment (okay, casino) that I went to get away from everything for a few hours.  Each time I have gone there I had always wondered if I could eat there so I took the time to ask the important questions.

What do you have available for me to eat, these are my allergies.

Well, even though they didn’t have specific foods for an allergy person they did go the extra mile to think of something for me to eat when I returned.  We talked about the burger and what additives that it had in it.  The chicken tenders and what kind of flour was on it and even the type of oil that they fry things in.  Every time I do ask about oil the general response usually is ‘vegetable’ oil, okay what vegetable is it?  They did work it out so when I came in there was selection that I could ask for.  The chef even came out to help with the selection and ensuring me that the burgers were pure beef.  I find that people always are helpful when you ask them about things in their food line.

So, if you are reading this and want to go out to eat or take someone out on a date.  Take a moment and stop by the establishment of choice and ask the questions that you need.  I know in my book if a guy went that extra mile for me he would earn a whole ton of brownie points!

Besides it never hurts to ask and if you do get a horrible response, as I always say, do you really want to eat there?