So you are now walking into a world that has a whole lot more flours than wheat and you don’t know where to start or which flour blend to use.  One idea for you is to take a look at what the flours cost and what you want to try for your first baking item because some of these flours do not come cheaply.  If you want to make a flat bread or muffins or any other bakery item take a look at the flour blends and see which ones fit for your choice and budget.  The storage of the flours when not in use, if blended, in the refrigerator, and if still in the packages either in the freezer or in the cupboards.

If you are having trouble deciding which item to start with, think about what you would be or are missing most with your diagnosis.  Don’t be afraid to start and not worry about making something that only the garbage can would like.  All cooks have their misfortunes in the kitchen.

When you do start cooking take a look at some of your kitchen utensils with a different way.  For instance, I bought this big size ice cream scooper the one with the metal thing that moves back and forth on the inside, well I also  use it in baking.  These flours blends can be a lot wetter then what you remember with wheat flour and it was easier scooping out the dough to put it on the baking pan. Of course another way to use that scooper is when it comes to rice, scoop out some rice and put it on the plate making things look oh so professional.

On the flour blends page (click on flour for the link) it will give you an idea of flour blends and their uses.   The all purpose flour blends are good for replacing your wheat ingredients in a one for one rati0.  You can still have it all muffins, cakes, and pastries and so much more.  These allergies that you or someone you love has will bring on a whole new set of experiences.  With also a whole new set of highs and lows.