The gift ideas for the allergy person below come from experience and as a multiple allergy sufferer the things that I have learned. The gifts range in prices from the thoughts of a stand mixer to a magazine subscription. Your allergy person will have probably told you or hinted at what they need to make their life easier and here are just a few thoughts of mine….

Gift ideas:

1.  The perfect Friday night pizza – give the AP the basics for pizza, the flours and the pizza pan and don’t forget the pizza cutter.

2.  Bakeware – from loaf pans to cake pans and even muffin tins. Remember when you make your choice to give cookware that has some density to it. It needs to distribute heat evenly.

3.   A stand-mixer that I got has a house-warming gift has saved me tons of time… just a thought.

4.  For the frustrating times that your AP will have, a really nice blanket for them to wrap themselves in on a winter’s night while sipping a hot tea or coffee or hot cocoa.   If you buy them the beverage to go along with the blanket read the ingredients to make sure that it doesn’t have what they are allergic to in it.  For example, a black pepper allergy, black pepper can be in tea.   Tea of all places, geezzz.

5. A gift subscription to a magazine such as “Best Deal Magazines“, you can find great choices in the selections that are available.

6.  Or make them a book from “Blurb” that displays photos of them growing up!  Link is on the right!

7. Or the thing that I keep looking for, bed sheets that are over 400 count… don’t know how true it is but I saw once on a show that they said that the critters in the bed have a hard time with sheets that are over 400 count. (The sheets are to dense and they can’t work they way through them.) Besides, sheets just feel really good with a high thread count. Yes, the “WalMart” ad has sheets on their site. (I have the 500 count sheets and I adore them.)

8. The one thing that I need to find, is good long aprons, an apron with pockets, you would not believe how when you have to combine the flours to make your items how dusty it gets.   So I looked and found that anyone can get their Flirt on with Sexy Sugar and Spice Apron. . No need not to feel great while mixing up those flours! Plus they have items for kids when you want to them to get involved with cooking.

9. If you have to look for cosmetics or lotions for your allergy person (AP) check out the “AfterGlow”. AfterGlow is gluten free as well as MyChelle items but always read the ingredients because they can change the formulas. If you don’t like those brands there is also 100 Percent Pure as well.

10. Flours, no not the other kind, almond flour, sweet rice flour sorghum flour, there are all sorts of flours. You can always print the list from the ‘Flour blends’ page and take it to your local store or you can buy from Gluten Free Mall for you or your allergy person (AP). Plus, if the flours are not what you are looking there are a whole lot of other ideas including snack items like cookies . Now if you don’t live near a health food store or your grocer doesn’t carry enough of the flours, the “Gluten-Free Mall” is a good place to start or even the “Organic Wholesale Club”. (See the links on the right.)

11. Of course I almost forgot … a kitchen timer… yes, even I have a timer on my stove but that means I am stuck in the kitchen, (sometimes that timer is just not loud enough in other parts of the home) so I have a timer that I have to hold to move to other rooms, it  would be easier with apron with a pocket in it.

12.  Now if you think grilling is out just because you have allergies you have to check out the Kitchen/BBQ Tools page.

13. If you want to a make very special homemade gift and they like lavender, you can check out the recipes to make all sorts of items. Including lavender butter for eating… yummy… or lavender bath salts… You can get culinary lavender spice from Ethnic Foods. Simple sugar scrubs and more ideas are in the DIY sections.

14. A really nice gift that I intend to give to someone special is the Corkcicle. Having a chilled bottle of wine that stays cold and you don’t have to worry about having an ice bucket around. Plus, the Corkcicle was voted “2011 Gift of the Year”.

15.  Check out this page for coupons to Gluten Free Mall to give to your allergy person.

16. If you want to keep the AP’s dishes seperate from eveyone else, there is always personalization for the dishes. Personalization Mall has these really cute dishes to put their names on. Even at a picnic or party the allergy person would know than what drink was theirs or what plate.  What is really cute in there is the “Chef in Training” aprons.

17.  Thinking about candles during the holidays?  If someone has a soy allergy, there are a lot of candles made from soy, consider beeswax candles!

18. Gift baskets! For The Gourmet has a gift basket made of Schar products that would be great! For a newly diagnosed person that has to go gluten free or with food allergies even just simply allowing the person to taste other products that they might not have had a chance to taste yet. If you want to go the citrus route Ship Citrus as a Gift from “Pittman & Davis” that is another option. There is still another option, “Gourmet Gift Baskets” which has gluten-free gift baskets here is a code for you! Save 10% On All Orders with Coupon Merry10