Tidbits picked up from magazines; (use the information at your own discretion)

Cherimoyeas – sometimes called custard apples – the B vitamin has been shown to stimulate the productions of serotonin and GABA

Dragon fruit – can lower levels LDL by 30 percent.

Grape seeds – help reduce spider veins. Two seperate French studies show they work better than any other non-surgical treatment.

Key Limes – help minimize allergy induced sniffles and stuffiness.

Kiwifruit – high levels of copper and magnesium, which are used by the body to synthesize the energy revving thyroid hormones.

Loquats – can increase Vitamin A. this nutrient increases the activity of disease fighting white blood cells.

Mango – has been known to increase the number of energy producing mitochondria in brain and muscle.

Pineapple – has a unique enzyme called bromelain that can increase break down built up waste in the digestive tract and remove it and accompanying bloat from the body.

Pink Guava – the lycopene in this fruit supports the production of procoolagen, a protein  that keeps skin firm and supple.

Raisins – they may taste really sweet, but rather than harm your teeth, dried grapes prevent cavities and tooth decay! Thanks to oleanolic acid!

Sarsaparilla – the Mayans regarded this roost as a blood purifier and used it to detoxify the liver, kidneys and intestines.  It can even improve the liver function of patients with advanced cirrhoiss.

Yucca – contains both anti-inflammatory properties and saponins, natural compounds that stop the breakdowns of cartilage in joints.