Can I eat the book and save some time, maybe it will all sink in?  This is what you could feel like when you first get diagnosed with allergies, whether it is one allergy or 40+ like myself.  SO much information that you want to read, and read, when of course  the easier way would be to digest the book.  Literally, eat the book and hope that you can digest all the information that is in there so that you can on to the next block of information that you find.  With luck you will not be allergic to the books..  But seriously, the information at times can be overwhelming and then you might not find out a thing about what you are looking for or that it even pertains to your needs.

So this is where you become a warrior either for yourself or for someone you love.  Even if you are a seasoned warrior with allergies or just hunting up all the information, you find that the information keeps growing.  Plus when you do the research you can run into mixed information, opposites of other things that you have read.  Don’t let all the information overwhelm you, which can be really easy to do since there can be so much information.    Like a warrior must do in battle, learning the enemy can be your greatest asset.  Learn how it disguises its name to be in your foods or even in your toiletries.  Don’t be afraid to take the few seconds to read the labels in the stores, better there than hours later or days later realizing you brought home something that you or your loved on can’t eat, worst yet, you ate it.

Exploration into the new foods can be exciting and adventurous.   Hunting for the food is a lot easier then even a few years ago.  Try your local food stores and health food stores.  If you don’t have any near the online world is a great resource.  Check the link on the left for “Gluten Free Mall” they have a vast amount to choose from.

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A modification has been made to the “Flour Blends” page. They are now listed by numbers so that there is less confusion when trying recipes.  You can always experiment with the blends so that they suit your tastes, budget and allergies.