It is a new journey that was begun almost 6 years ago now.  A journey that I am still on.  After being diagnosed, it’s not like they hand you a packet and told me how to handle my way through these obstacles here is the door, be on your way now.  36 allergies especially the food allergies can be overwhelming but I had to realize I had more than some and less than others in order to move forward.  With having wheat, soy, potatoes, black pepper, peanuts and egg whites as my foes. 

I was fortunate at that time to have a friend that cooked in ‘other’ spices than salt and black pepper.  So I had to learn to explore and read up on spices, but most of all I had to learn to read labels.  It had to become a habit walking through the store to pick up and read labels.  Even with products that I knew were good at one month I had to keep reading because they might change their formula.  Reading became so ingrained even to this day that I feel that I cheated myself if I walk out of the store not having read a label.

Now there is a trick though in reading labels. First you have to read ALL the labels!  Most of my allergies showed up in cosmetics which was a total shocker for me.  Like why would potatoes be something I would put on my face?  Then you have to learn the ‘other’ words that are used to describe your allergy it was like a never ending saga.