Always have to cook, so I decided to get brave and try something new.  I thought about cooking this dish in the days before I was diagnosed with allergies and finally went for it now.  Lasagna with rice noodles was my first the other day.  It turned out great.  The only that I would have changed was adding spices between the layers but then again the canned tomatoes were great.  I bought a prepackaged sauce that I thought would have flavor but sadly no.  But the thing that surprised me was the canned diced tomatoes that have basil, garlic and oregano.  That stuff smelled so good in the can and it really made the flavors on the lasagna.

Oh yes, I used ground chicken with only sage and garlic as a spice while I was browning it.  The no bake rice lasagna noodles and ricotta cheese with mozzarrella on top.

On a side note, I went to my endo doctor and was talking with her staff and found out that she had run a wheat allergy test on me again.  It showed that I wasn’t allergic to wheat, but how can I be allergic anymore when I haven’t had wheat products for years now.  Good question eh? Plus, I had been taking my allergy medications as well.