We still get to have our hamburgers! Okay, I did some experimenting and tried some hamburger buns that are made by Dr Schar. If you are like me you want to try it out first from some place local.   The buns right out of the package were good, although a bit crumbly.  Since I couldn’t eat […]

A story!


There will be a lot of ups and downs in learning about allergies.  Even in living with them from day to day.  You will run into people who don’t believe you have one allergy let alone multiple allergies among others ideas.  Some people will even want to play it off and tempt you with your offending […]

Peanuts and the oil


I posted a spice recipe that I had gotten from a chef that we met in Myrtle Beach, until reading an article today I totally forgot about another aspect of our conversation.   We got to talking about local places where I could go out to eat in the area.  Plus how some of the food was […]

Grains of Paradise?


I was doing some research on replacements of black pepper.  The one item that came up was Grains of Paradise.  It seems black pepper has a history in europe.   To make a longer story shorter, the grains of paradise is the poor man’s substitute for black pepper back in the day.  Plus it has no […]

New find!


With the onset of allergies of course comes the high food cost for prepared items.  So I am always on the look out for ways to save money to buy those allergy foods that I don’t want to cook.  Plus, do you want to really have any resentment towards your allergy person because you can’t […]

New Stuff


I am always on the lookout for items that do not contain my allergens…. happen to find this one. Benefits of Using Afterglow Cosmetics Natural color cosmetics Infused with USDA certified organic botanicals Paraben free Gluten free Petrochemical free Bismuth oxychloride free Mercury free Fragrance free Talc free Soy free Cruelty free Non-comedogenic Formulated for […]

Remember KitKats?


Well, these bars come in really close, just like the other reviewers on the Gluten Free Mall page… these things are delicious! I first tried them out when I was shopping in “Davids Natural Market”, so if you are local to there… give them a try… you won’t regret it. If you are not local […]



1 cup all natural ricotta cheese 1 tbsp amaretto flavored agave nectar 1 tbsp natural mini dark chocolate chunks coarsely chopped (gluten-free) Using whisk, mix all ingredients until combined.  Cover mixture and refrigerate for at least one hour to allow filling to chill and favors to meld. Decorate with extra chocolate if desired. Who says that […]

Love ME!


Click Here for your FREE Self-Love Starter Kit This is a great site!  Allergies are going to have a lot of highs and a whole lot of lows with missing your favorite foods if you have been diagnosed later in life.   One might find inspiration on this site to make the path of allergies a lot […]



This rich, moisturizing soap is for everyone who loves bananas; bananas on toast, banana splits, banana ice cream, you get the picture. Just stay away if bananas aren’t your thing because banana moon is a creamy soap made with real fresh bananas and yogurt. Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals and make your skin […]