Okay seriously, it was one the many fantastic reasons I like going on vacation with this seriously cute guy.  He loves to cook and he loves it better when we cook together.  Although I do have to leave him the cleanup detail.  I just get in his way with him washing dishes.  I really have to coax him into using the dishwasher.  But back to the cooking, we don’t have to make special dishes for me and him he eats what I eat… and do you know that is so fantastic!!   Coming up together with spice combinations is fun and he likes it spicy.    So when we are doing something like this my allergies don’t stand out and it’s great. 

But I repay him by going to his favorite eating place and watching him enjoy the foods that we can’t make.  He keeps telling me he feels funny for eating all this but I keep telling him to go ahead it’s why we came here.  (Even if I just get to enjoy a salad.) It’s a small price to pay for what he does for me when we cook together.  Ahhhh cooking together, no yelling across the room and sizes or portions, your right there you have got each others back in the decisions.  Plus we even set the table when we can while cooking.  Oh, don’t get me wrong about this guy, he is a macho guy to the tee.  But he knows that this is something about me that can’t be changed and that I have no control over the cause.  I can just learn to eat healthy so that I can enjoy him, and he doesn’t like me being sick part either.

It’s all a small price to pay when you can work with someone exploring foods, spices and coming up with all sorts of tasty items.

As a side note to the above mentioned seriously cute guy… don’t think I forgot all the other things like cuddling, and all the other sexy things about you!  CCS and in that order, I love it all!