I didn’t feel like making a spice rub and I had a whole lot of chicken tenders to cook up before they went bad.  So what I tried was letting them sit in bowl covered with lemon juice.  That idea in itself wasn’t so bad.  I did let them set for over two hours which was the bad part.  If you like tangy chicken then that idea is fine… but….

What I tried was draining the lemon off of the pieces and then I put them on a cookie sheet lined with foil.  I knew they would produce some liquids.  Then I covered them with sage and garlic, probably could have used a little rosemary and set them to cook on 375 for 40 mins (adjust cooking time).  They turned out great for texture and the sage was good but because I let them sit way to long in the lemon the tartness at times is a bit over whelming.

So in short, yes I would try this again at the same temperatures and cooking time.. probably no more than an hour in the lemon juice.

The chicken is usually good the next day, but I think for to long of a cooking time they were a bit tough.

Note to self… the chicken tasted great the next day… tartness was almost nothing… and just like I thought… even good dipped in sour cream…!