I just posted something and reread it and this phrase keeps sticking out in mind. The “NO eating clause”. I don’t know if it is because of the holiday season or because I think that should really be a contract. Contract you say? Yup!

This contract I would have to sign agreeing to not eat the foods that I am allergic to, okay here comes the eye roll… once, twice… yup three times eye roll. Better stop before I make myself dizzy. Okay, now back to the contract… if I had to sign this no eating contract, especially being diagnosed later in life with allergies, it would have to make me think twice or even thrice about eating the foods that I am allergic to. Especially if the penalty clause was significant for me. You get used to not feeling good and you kinda wonder what would it hurt to go ahead and keep eating the offending food. Hey, I have been good all week so why can’t I? If you are doing this single like I am, who is gonna stop ya? Just cause you are old that doesn’t stop the craving’s for bread fresh from the oven or french fries.. both foods that I am allergic too!

Six years into my allergies and I am still fighting the feelings and cravings… but the “no eating clause” might have put a damper on doing the bad stuff. But here is the thing, you finally understand what was making you sick, yet no one tells you the rewards! Plus the people who don’t understand put the offending foods in front of you during this holiday season, asking you to pass them around and even ask you to help fix them. They don’t understand how strong you have to be to forgo those foods not when they do that to you! I am an adult and yes those foods can do me harm, but isn’t what your doing important also?

So perhaps a “NO eating clause” for the allergy person, and a “Don’t make it hard on the allergy person clause” for their friends, family, and co-workers. Don’t just see through me, see me! Allergies are a part of how I am, and who I am, please accept that! There is more to me than just allergies!!