Looking to add gluten-free and allergy-friendly items to your menu? Need ideas on how to start small with substitutions for some menu items?  We work with all the listed facilities below and have included a link to accommodate kitchens/food establishments that need to use a purchase order to buy food products for your establishment, please click on the link below in order to start the process.  (Don’t forget our code on your order form 777)

So if you are representing the following, and of course anything that we don’t have listed:

•Colleges / Universities
•Head Start programs
•Assisted living facilities
•Government cafeterias
•C – Stores
•Bed & breakfasts
•Government facilities
•Sports Games
•Race Tracks

If you would like to be able to use a purchase order please email us below and we will send you the instructions in setting up a corporate account with Gluten Free Mall.

If you have any questions of what to order, you can look at your menus and see what could be replaced. For instance, hotdog and hamburger buns, pasta of all shapes and sizes, cakes, brownies, cookies are sorts for every taste and age!

To break it down, you serve a 100% meat patty, you can replace the regular bun with i.e. Dr Scar’s hamburger buns. Then add the toppings of choice. There are even chicken tenders available for the kids both big and little! Got the idea? Or, if you want to start small, like your vending, you can get cookies, brownies, plentils and so much more and than scale up as needed by input from your userbase! But if you want some more ideas just use the email below for help!

If you don’t need to use a purchase order and still would like to see the possibilities for your menu or vending click on the link below or check out our store at this link! STORE

We welcome any questions or comments. If you would like to contact us using the form below.

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