About Allergies which can be scary, and life changing.

So as a “allergywarrior” with 30 environmental allergies and 6 food allergies and counting I decided to put all my tidbits in one site.  I hate having to look at all my notes scattered everywhere so this is clean and easy.  Besides being scattered has led me down the trail of not doing, so perhaps this format can take me down the path of more enjoyments.  So there are many times you will have “the allergy blues” but you will get through it.

The why of it is that I got tired of trying to find a site that was more than just gluten-free.  You can find hundreds even thousands of sites dedicated to gluten-free but what about the person with multiple allergies?  So I decided to pull the recipes that I have tried and those that I want to try that are gluten-free and egg-free into one place and the biggest one, pepper-free of course.  Not including soy, peanuts or potatoes.  This also makes it easier to travel and have your recipes with you, it’s hard enough having to pack the flours that you need and spices.  Okay, here is a big exception, since one can use many ways to substitute eggs in a recipe the eggs will be listed.  Check out the egg replacement page for the substitutions.

So here is to making things, cleaner, easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.  Doing it with allergies!