A special recipe!


A great time to share he and I had on our first outing together. He still wasn’t used to dealing with someone with allergies but he survived and I would like to say thrived. But only he can truly answer that. We were eating out at a place in Myrtle Beach and we happened to […]

NO eating clause!


I just posted something and reread it and this phrase keeps sticking out in mind. The “NO eating clause”. I don’t know if it is because of the holiday season or because I think that should really be a contract. Contract you say? Yup! This contract I would have to sign agreeing to not eat […]

Confusing maybe?


If you don’t know you can not get confused. Even if you do know you can get confused. It is okay to be confused. Life with allergies is confusing. Especially if you develop allergies later in life. Looking longingly… yeah I know that is probably not a word… at the foods that you could once […]